“Will you stop her?”

Make decisions, learn magic and lift the villain's curse instead of destroying her in this puzzle-adventure visual novel.

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The Aeserian Chronicle

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“What's new?”

Announcement trailer out now for the Empress of Aeser.

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“Have you ever wanted to outsmart a demon on a rainy day?”

You have the opportunity to do just that—or die trying—in this visual novel set in the 1920s-style fantasy world of Aeser. Choose love, overcome loss, or wreak vengeance from the perspectives of three different protagonists whose stories intertwine or diverge in response to your choices.

Play as Julius

You play as Julius. You died six months ago. Usually when you're dead, other people get to worry about the things that used to keep you up at night. That’s especially true for you—because while you’re no longer mortal, you now belong to a kind of undead known as the ‘shadow kind.’ A creature known as the Empress’ Shadow rules the shadow kind. She stole your memories and now does your thinking for you.

Usually you'd be stuck as a mindless, undying servant—for eternity. Except a girl from your past stumbles unwittingly across your path—and you are handed the key to your memories, your mind, and your freedom. But you’ve done some awful things. Will you redeem yourself?

Play as Kalevel

You play as Kalevel, and you’ve been betrayed by an old enemy. At first you think it’s just another game—the ancient court demons such as yourself are always playing games. But it’s not a game this time; your old enemy wants you out of the way, this time for keeps, and you’ve grown complacent over many, many years. Will you adapt and change—as the mortals do—in time to save yourself?

Play as Tell

You play as Tell. Some years ago, your cousin died, casting a shadow of grief over your family. You move to the city to live with your beloved aunt in hopes of making a few pennies and stretching your wings.

Only, it’s not to be. On your first day of work, you happen to gaze into the eyes of a demon, and everything changes. Another shadow from your past threatens to consume you—literally. Can you outsmart a demon—or two?

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  • Desktop Game (Windows, Mac & Linux)
  • Medium (2-4 hours long, depending on route)
  • 80,000 words of content
  • High Replayability
  • Multiple Protagonists
  • 16 Endings
  • Ending variations based on player choices
  • Mouse or keyboard
  • Romantic options for each viewpoint character
  • Custom soundtrack by ProjectTrinity

Tell a Demon takes place after the events of Asher and Winter's Trumpet. Players recommend playing Asher* first.

*There is a browser-based and mobile-friendly version of Asher available for free.

Trying to get that last ending? We have a walkthrough available here.

Steam Reviews

“There are a vast routes you can unlock, with more than 16 endings. I know what you’re thinking, I can just play it once since the other endings barely change the dialogue or just add one or two new scenes. Well, in Tell a Demon’s case, that is wrong. There are, of course, events that need to happen, but other than that everything else is left to the player. As mentioned earlier, your choices decides where the character turns to in both action and thoughts. If you choose to be vengeful, that character will lean more towards that. You want someone to be killed badly? BAM CAN’T GO BACK ON IT NOW. If you’re like me, your gut reaction may be “this can’t possibly happen to this character but I’ll humor it”, well be ready to be surprised. So if you end up playing this, you really need to do multiple endings, as there are scenes that can not be viewed unless character actions and motivations line up, as the game can end early on certain routes. As well as information not coming to see the light as you steered away from chooses that would have revealed it.” RipWitch (Steam Review)

“In short, Tell a Demon is a very intriguing, beautifully-crafted, expertly-written game, and I can only recommend all visual novels lovers and people who love artistic games to give it a go. I want to point out that it is not a horror game, so the most sensitive souls can stay reassured (there is some blood and creepy empty eyes though, you have been warned). Actually, Tell a Demon succeeds in being as engrossing as a quality novel and aesthetically pleasing as a painting, and I can only hope that this will also be carried on within the third and final game in the series, The Empress of Aeser, which I’m already waiting for with eagerness.” satie-san (Steam Review)

What do people think of Tell a Demon?

“The plot is interesting, the characters engaging. The choices made along the way have a very significant impact upon what happens, unlike a lot of VNs where you might have choices that only affect a few lines, etc. Sticking with a single play-through simply isn't going to do.” Phillip Morris (Steam Review)

“Tell a Demon is a haunting visual novel which makes readers yearn for more. With sixteen endings in all the short single-game length can be forgiven due to the high replayability factor. Still, it feels that we’ll need to wait for an entirely new game in the series to really grasp all the goings on in this one. There’s a lot to like about Tell a Demon due to the obvious care it received in regards to storytelling, editing, visuals and audio. Visual novel fans looking for something different will find it here.” Marcus Estrada (Hardcore Gamer)

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