“Will you stop her?”

Make decisions, learn magic and lift the villain's curse instead of destroying her in this puzzle-adventure visual novel.

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The Aeserian Chronicle

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“What's new?”

Announcement trailer out now for the Empress of Aeser.

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They say an immortal Empress broke off a Shard of the World....

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Written by

... S. A. Welland, the writer and artist of the World of Aeser series, unless otherwise noted. (Hence first person.)

Animated Sprites in The Empress of Aeser

Here's a test of the animated sprites in the Empress of Aeser. The MC confronts a vengeful goddess and the Empress' Shadow herself in a dream world... what will you say to them?

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Our Love Like a Weedy Garden

A peek at one of the romantic routes in the Empress of Aeser.

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Spooktober 5th Annual VN Jam

I participated in the Spooktober Visual Novel jam this year with the short (kinda funny) psychological horror game, Goblet of Mercy! Have you ever wanted to come face to face with the Empress herself? No? Well, gee...

Download it here

Announcement Trailer | The Empress of Aeser

New cover art and new trailer for the Empress of Aeser! The Empress of Aeser is a puzzle-adventure visual novel in which you make decisions, learn magic and must lift the villain's curse instead of destroying her.

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