“Will you stop her?”

Make decisions, learn magic and lift the villain's curse instead of destroying her in this puzzle-adventure visual novel.

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“What's new?”

Announcement trailer out now for the Empress of Aeser.

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“Will you pay the price?”

In this short point-and-click game/love story, set before the events of Asher, you play from the perspective of multiple protagonists.

Tetrine Reish just wants to meet her boyfriend, avoid going stir-crazy while cooped up with her roommate, and wait out the Tarsian Flu. Not all goes according to plan. Her ‘beau’ has secrets and her roommate may have good reason for not being too fond of him.

Will you listen to your friend, or follow your heart?

Kalevel Venhera needs to find someone who can read and write Nell magic. She thinks she’s finally found a candidate, but she may lose him before she can make use of him—and he has already proved untrustworthy.

Will you choose to save him?

The ancient and immortal demon Markaius is playing at being human, but the jig, as they say, is up.

Will you pay the price to save your mortal lover, even though you risk losing her?


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  • Short (< 2 hours long)
  • Some Replayability
  • Multiple Protagonists
  • Ending variations based on player choices
  • Point and Click Controls
  • Light Romantic Options
  • CC-By Soundtrack by Tungerman

Winter's Trumpet takes place before the events of Asher and Tell a Demon, but players recommend playing Asher first.

What do people think of Winter's Trumpet?

“Winter's Trumpet is a charming and short point-and-click/visual novel hybrid with a retro design and a slightly creepy atmosphere. It takes place in the same world as Asher and Tell a Demon, and players who love these games have absolutely nothing to lose by giving it a go: in fact, the events of Winter's Trumpet take place before those depicted in Asher, and the former gives us an interesting look at the motivations of several key characters of the series.” satie-san (Steam Reviewer)

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