“Will you stop her?”

Make decisions, learn magic and lift the villain's curse instead of destroying her in this puzzle-adventure visual novel.

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The Aeserian Chronicle

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“What's new?”

Announcement trailer out now for the Empress of Aeser.

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Goblet of Mercy Official Walkthrough

Will the Empress' Shadow return the empire to its former glory?”

You play as Tetrine Reish in this puzzle-adventure visual novel. Tetrine was born with the rare ability to see magic, which got her killed last winter (during the events of Asher). She rose again and now she works for her killer's mortal enemy.

Tetrine must find a way to lift the curse plaguing her employer's sister, the Empress' Shadow, before the Shadow succeeds in restoring the old dread empire and crowning herself the next Empress of Aeser.

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There are three main types of choices in Goblet of Mercy, each associated with a different ending.

Basic Hints

  • Listen to Judy's advice.
  • Save when you get the choice to pick a goblet
  • The choices each fit a theme associated with a different ending

The Goblets & Death Ending

The Death ending can be reached from any of the types of choices, because the goblets are randomized, but weighted a little differently depending on the choices you've made so far. For example, if the Empress thinks you would make a good courtier, she gives you a slight advantage and two out of the three goblets will contain a drop of immortality.

In-Depth Guide

This is the more in-depth guide for those who want to see more of the possible text variations. Keep in mind that some text is different on subsequent playthroughs.

To return to the first playthrough, I believe you can delete the game's save files in the game save directory, and this will return the game to its first playthrough state. (In Ren'Py games these files are located here depending on your operating system. Not 100% certain. I plan to create a button in the settings so you can toggle this yourself and that should solve that problem.)

Ending I: A High Price / Trust in Me

Shrewd and very aware, the MC can see straight to Mara's deeper motivations and cuts right to the heart of things.

All 'A High Price' Ending Choices

Depending on certain choices, not all of these will appear in each playthrough.

  • Sure
  • Is something wrong, Judy?
  • Is that your goal? To frighten me?
  • (Say Nothing)
  • What's with the glowing marks?
  • So are you going to help me?
  • What's the deal with the glowing marks?
  • What does she respect?
  • What do the glowing marks mean?
  • You're a vampire / You're a demon.
  • What's with the magic marks on the candle?
  • But you could have picked anybody, right?
  • What do you want from me?
  • Well, I wouldn't say talented, but...
  • Why are you doing all this?
  • Did you use magic?
  • Are you taunting me?
  • Everyone is afraid to die.

Ending II: Echo

At times innocent, honest and somewhat naive, the MC (Main Character) believes the best in people. Unfortunately, while this strategy may work just fine in day-to-day, it may not work out with a monster like Mara...

All 'Echo' Ending Choices

Depending on certain choices, not all of these will appear in each playthrough.

  • Not Really
  • You're a good friend.
  • Aw, I love you, too.
  • Why am I a prisoner? Did I do something wrong?
  • I am hungry.
  • I know you didn't mean to.
  • Will I ever see the sun again?
  • Aren't you human?
  • I can't begin to guess.
  • I wasn't expecting vampires.
  • I think you've got the wrong person.
  • Yup. I like to make people laugh.
  • Sure. I'm a magician.
  • (Don't move at all)
  • (Obey her)
  • (Obey her)
  • Please let me go.
  • Yes.
  • Why would you give me immortality?

Ending III: Courtier

The courtier knows when to say the right thing to appease the empress, while being defiant enough to keep her entertained. This MC flatters or rebels.

All 'Courtier' Ending Choices

Depending on certain choices, not all of these will appear in each playthrough.

  • I have no idea.
  • I'll be lucky if I don't lose it, but thanks.
  • It's a little unnerving.
  • You didn't actually ask me a question.
  • What happens if I tell her?
  • Are we the only ones here?
  • You are a fishmonger.
  • A fairy queen?
  • What about magical oaths?
  • I don't belong to you.
  • I'm not talented at anything.
  • (Move to the back of the cage)
  • (Avoid her eyes)
  • (Resist)
  • Are you going to kill me?
  • No.
  • I wasn't a moment ago.

Day 3 Sequence

On the final day, choices no longer have any bearing on the ending. Instead...

  • Challenge but don't anger Mara.
  • Begging has no effect on her whatsoever.
  • The more obnoxious choices will anger her...
  • Questions or comments that hit close to home will give her pause

This will only matter if the majority of earlier dialogue choices were 'High Price' choices. Otherwise pick whichever choices you want.

Pick the following choices:

  • I don't want to live forever.
  • Are you afraid of Death?
  • Did you make this world so you could hide?
  • Does all this power satisfy you?

Mix n' Match

Some endings have slight variations based on player choices. Ending II doesn't have variations, but the game will show you slight variations for the other endings.

High Price Variations

  • Variation 1 - Make a couple 'Echo' choices and no 'Courtier' choices, but make sure 'High Price' choices are highest.
  • Variation 2 - Make a couple 'Courtier' choices and no 'Echo' choices, but make sure 'High Price' choices are highest.

Courtier Variations

This is not a significant enough variation to justify its own title, but these instructions are for the completionist who wants to see all text variations.

  • Variation 1 - Make a couple 'Echo' choices and no 'High Price' choices, but make sure 'Courtier' choices are highest.
  • Variation 2 - Make a couple 'High Price' choices and no 'Echo' choices, but make sure 'Courtier' choices are highest.

Death Ending Variations

  • The "you are a fishmonger" choice and whether or not you reveal Judy to the Empress ("what about magical oaths?") will give different variations on this ending

A Secret...

Some bonus details about the concept behind the choice design in Goblet of Mercy.

It's not about personality.

In real life, personality doesn't change all that much. What's really happening here is not that the personality of the protagonist changes, but the focus. Echo's whole focus is on "what's happening to me?" or "What will happen to me?"

The Courtier is fighting or attempting to manipulate Mara back, but still focused on the self. Mara looks for this potential in her courtiers. She wants to know if they can be molded to think in terms of "what can you do for me?" She wants to be able to pit them against one another so they can't unite against her.

It is only the choices that lead to the High Price / Trust in Me endings that focus on Mara herself. This MC is asking, essentially, "who are you?" or "why do you do the things you do?"

What Mara wants most of all, to be seen and admired and understood, is her undoing.